Ok I'm glad to see i'm simplifying - with age comes... creaky bones.
(But if all else fails I can always refer to last years list.)

Fri. - Joke Friday (of course)
Sat.- Photo hunters (post a pic on a theme)
Sun. - G-d help me (weekend update,inspirational moments)
Mon. Just another manic monday (work post -pissin & moanin, occ.inspirational)
Tues. Existential angst ( just about anything)
Wed. Haiku Wednesday
Thur. Show & Tell (do a meme).

Note: Subject to change without notice.


ipanema said... you have just shown me why blogging life is exhausting. look at that! :)

Sky said...

you are too funny!

Lorna said...

If you write, I'll read.

Noelle said...

Yeay! I love themes and stuff, because 30 days of "my innermost thoughts and feelings and bowel movements" (what a lot of other people are doing) gets a little hard to read after a while. You know I especially love joke Friday.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love joke Friday too and it always gives you something to post :)