Exitstential Tuesday


Day 13, how many more to go?

Maybe need to go pull up the exitentialist barstool for some new material. Well now is my chance, my boy is off an his 8th grade trip til Fri. (An outing is planned for Thurs. nite to a Chinese restaurant with Jazz music with an old friend - i'll report back.)

Thinking back on Manic Monday - which was rather tame - two patients come to mind:

One noticed that I was a lefty and we had a nice "lefty" discussion.

The other woman, when taking her medical history and i got to the tobacco & alcohol ??'s ,
answered ,"Vodka & Cranberry, but on Sun. my husband makes me a double bourbon manhattan- that's how i know what day it is. "


Noelle said...

I have never been that specific when giving my alcohol history. I should try that. Of course, the "small talk" that the anesthesiologist made with me before surgery was about whiskey, and I woke up thinking 1. is my ankle better? and 2. I could really go for a Jack Daniels right now.

ipanema said...

My mother is a lefty and she has nice handwriting. You know I shouldn't have stopped my 2nd one. I noticed it when he was young. How he holds crayon pencils. It was always on the left. I leave him be like that for awhile but I corrected him in the end. It's good that he has good handwriting.

Lorna said...

Very LOL