Haiku Wednesday



those storybook tales
they can't be duplicated
young girl's dream vanquished


Liquid said...

Let's join together for Thirsty Thursday! Come on in "Around the Corner" and join me for a glass of Merlot!

rdl said...

liguid - i'd love to!!!

Sky said...


Anonymous said...

just found your comments about counseling from last February. How did all that go?

rdl said...

sky- oops mispell, it's vanquished(with a q not g - frequent mistake of mine):
To defeat or conquor in battle;subjugate. 1)To defeat in a contest, conflict or competions. 2)To overcome or subdue(an emotion, for example); suppress

anon. - will have to go read Feb. to see what you're referring to but that seems like a personal question from someone anononymous - don't you think?

ipanema said...

i love your haiku[s]. :)