Here we go again........


For those of you just joining... regular programing has just resumed. I've been forced into it. Ok i joined willingly; but it must've been in a weak moment or actually in a delusional one.

Ok, i did it last yr. i can do it again. i think i can, i think i can. (I'm talking about Nablopomo - post everyday for the month of November.) Why don't some of you out there join me. I know Noelle is doing it and Lee I think you should. C'mon we'll have a party when it's over; you might even win a prize.
Ok well now I need a list; last year i had a list-better start a list.
I'll be back with the list soon, i promise.


Lee said...

I didn't formally join it but agreed in principle to do it. And promptly missed Nov 1st. Rats. But posted twice on Nov 2nd in consolation. I will post 30 times for the month, that's the best I can offer. (More if you include my sex, religion & politics blogs.)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wow you are really cooking:::::::fear of committment:::::::: coming on ;)