Manic Monday


I hate Mondays. It starts on Sunday - i feel like i really can't enjoy Sunday knowing that i have to go to work the next day. Sometimes i even have trouble sleeping, thinking about the next day.
But today really wasn't bad at all, not manic by any means; really rather tame. No irate, irritating patients, no employees having a meltdown and other than my nagging dry cough that necessitated my having to suck on a lot of cough drops it was rather a pleasant Monday. Let's keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Lorna said...

karma kicks in.

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Thinking about it is worse than the actually being there. Don't ya think?

ipanema said...

hmmm...i just hate Mondays as well. It's like my body is still in bed. :(

Have a good week ahead!