Manic Monday


Okay, let's see, how did this day go (i've been trying to forget since 5 o'clock)- pour me another glass of wine bartender. Well, the 1st patient tried my patients - she was just old ( i know, not kind - but you try doing this all day.) She even said, thanks for being so patient - see even she knew. i'd only been at work 25 min. and felt like i'd done 10 patients. I'm in no mood to recount the details so I will just skip to the last patient of the day - who really took the cake.

The SRB (spoiled rotten brat) came in with her mother with the complaint of not being able to see the blackboard. Oh, let me go back a minute to when i called them in and they were "shopping" in the optical shop before their exam. Long story short - she had almost perfect vision with a very slight optical error. So the doctor did not give her an Rx for glasses. I heard her complaining loudly at the desk on how "all of it looked blurry" or some such thing.
I wonder if it was coach or Calvin Klein that she had picked out.


Lorna said...

I was in Wal-Mart today---I know, I know---and noticed that they have "George" frames for both men and women. That George is a helluva guy.