The damn list


Ok, 3AM is a good time for a list. I'm a fabulous list maker - i make them all the time - problem is I never look at them again. I'm not one of those people that get pleasure in checking things off. Basically I write them just to get the damn things off my mind, i don't actually intend to do any of em. So that said, don't be expecting me to follow this damn list. "She's a rebel and she'll never ever ever get things done.".(To the tune of "He's a rebel", an actually song - for any of you old enof to remember.)

1) Stall ( I think I can,I think I can- write about writing).
2) Make a list
3) Joke Friday
4) Haiku
5) First_____
6) Create a meme or resurrect one
7) Make a post from saved draft(s)
8) Get inspired (blatently copy) from the blogosphere. Shameless Imitation day- pilferred from Patry over at Simply Wait.
9) One lump or two (? a dunkies misadventure) from Dinkys list.
10) Promote/Rave about a fellow blogger
11) Do something from my technology challenged list, ie: crossouts(would love to do that so i can stop using parenthesis' so much, RSS ( do i really want that?) add Yoda to the template without obliterating it, change the template without losing everything
12) Patient of the day
13) Creative writing homework thanks to Edie at Just Write.
14) Rant(whine)
15) Writing promt (one word, sunday scribblings or back of cereal box)
16) Anti-narcissism day(Write about someone else for crying out loud) also from Dinky
17) Pictures, pretty pictures, yes pictures are good.
18) Poem
19) Quote
20) TBA (fellow bloggers - help! I have to get up (oh yea I'm not sleeping) in an hour for work! this could be a contest - i can enter it on Competizion!)
I need a prize - start looking around the house- how bout my collection of Zone books; ok, i'll keep looking- prize to be announced).
21) Dream(as in sleeping or wishing)
22) Thanksgiving recipe/picture(optional)
23) Thanksgiving post or pic
24) Holiday list or boycott
25) Insomnia
26) All about blog
27) Lunchtime Existentialism (lunchtime or existentialism or both)
28) Laughter
29) Music (song on the radio/whatever)
30) Nablopomo party ( over at dinky's) who's bringing what? Chips and dip here (salsa)

Great, This damn list took 2 hrs. and then i couldn't get back to sleep before the alarm went off in less than an hr. And all i needed was a damn outline like Patry did (See #8). Think about it, i was more than 1/2 way there with Patient of the day Mon.,Joke Fri.,Sat. Homework day, I'd already had Sun. Blog pick of the week in the back of my mind, Just Tues, Wed, and Thurs. Let's see how my math is: 30 posts subtract these first two, minus the last party post= 27 - (4) joke fridays= 23 - (4) Creative writing homework Mon.=19 - (4)Blog picks= 15 - (4) #8's = 11 (not 30!).

So let's see about this Plan/Outline: (Not necessarily in this order of course)
Mon.- Patient of the day
Tues. - Existentialist angst - i mean lunch
Wed.- Poem, Haiku, or quote
Thurs. - Homework day
Fri.- Joke Friday
Sat. - Anything on the damn list
Sun. - Blog of the week

Well, I feel much better now, I've got a plan and a list. I bet I sleep good tonite. Oh and I guess the contest(#20) is still on - another post.


Maria P. said...

I make a lot of lists too. I have a notebook just for all my lists. :)

MB said...

Wow, I'm exhausted reading this! You put so much thought into this! I'm impressed. Me, I'm afraid I tend to fly right by the seat of my pants.

Alexandra said...

You have a serious problem, with list making...hmm, wonder why I can identify so much? lol! Maybe I should hire you to do my lists? Do you need a job?

rdl said...

Maria- yes i have a couple of notebooks too.
MB- I do the pants thing too.
Alexandra - Yes I do need a job - when do i start?