Sunday sampler


First, answers to yesterdays quiz
1) b.
2) a book, earliest form The Romans made them so they didn't have to carry their scrolls with them.

Movie Review: Keeping up with the Steins was cute and a little funny but really more cute. I liked the Grandfather the best. The kid was good, no really good. The mother was likeable, the father ok and the Grandmother, the mother from Everybody loves Raymond, well i just kept thinking, no she's Raymond's mom and she's Italian. As I said the Grandfather was the best and the most believable(is he Jewish? - he sure seemed like the real McJew) And Daryl Hannahs still looks and acts exactly the same -cute and ditzy.
Since I don't want to give the ending away, I'll just say that I'm glad they did the right thing.
We gave it two thumbs up over here.

Blog pick of the week: Alexandra over at The Write stuff.


Alexandra said...

Ooo, look a plug for me. Thanks. *grins*