i think i can, i think i can


Ok, who's idea was this?? Fussy's, Not mine! Ms. non-committal til the end. Ok I'm gonna give it the ole college try - just remember you're talking to one of the original'70's drop-outs.

In one of my - maybe the favorite writing book of mine - Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, she writes in the chapter "Fighting Tofu": "Discipline has always been a cruel word. I always think of itas beating my lazy part into submission and that never works. The dictator and the resister continue to fight.She suggests letting them carry on in writing. You can read more about it in this previous post - Bones.

I'm just waiting for the candy police to arrive and cart all of this obscene candy away. If I was smart I would've taken a picture of the kid in costume with his pillow case full of candy and blogged about it today instead of yesterday when it didn't count. I really should work on an outline/list while i'm on this sugar high. This smart blogger: dinky came up with a plan. May the force be with you!


Sky said...

oh, you posted a pic of my favorite children's book - 50 years ago i had a "wonder book" copy of this book. now thanks to a friend, i have a copy of this edition!

i sent my husband to work with the entire basket of halloween candy we had left over - a huge basket of about 200 pieces! he should be quite sick by the time he rolls in this afternoon nearing a glucose coma!

no more. i have to eat healthier! and NOW.

Matt said...

Oh, my wife tried to cart the leftovers away to her office -- a little frown from me saved some of it for consumption within our own home. I know that my waistline won't be thanking me, but my sweet tooth will!

- Matt