The Quandry:


And don't anyone say it's my own damn fault for waiting to the last minute - that's just what I do. I've never had this happen to me before and I have a long history of shopping late on the eve of holidays and today I went early(maybe that's where i went wrong - shoulda waited and I coulda snuck out for a drink along with the shopping- as i have met friends from work in the past). Anyway it was only 1:00 and they were damn near out of Birds!!! They said they'd be getting some in soon. Deninition "Soon" please; anyway this nice lady dug one up, only problem was, it is puny - only 9&1/2 lbs. I usually get 12-14. But there's only 6 of us, so it'll probably do. I just called the store and they got them in. So do I run back and exchange the bird?? P. I can hear you laughing/ you will probably be the only one to appreciate this post since you know my history.
Well, I've got to start peeling and cleaning so I'll keep you posted on the bird.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Bird update: after much deliberation I went back finally- there were only a couple of birds left; only 12 pounders - but it seems way better - not looking like the 90 lb. weakling at the beach. Now if those vegetables would only peel themselves.


Marewheeee said...

Oh boy.
We did the usual dinner at Mama's house. Jamey forced into cooking not one but two 16 pounders. One Wednesday and one Thursday.
She panicked and got the "small" ones and on the very the next stop, that store had 25 pounders which is what she wanted. Waaaaaaaaaaay too big but that's our tradition.My poor brother is
flattened by it all and can't enjoy himself.
Oy Vay.
Thank God you don't have a garage.