Today was supposed to be Haiku Saturday I think, but the problem is I'm a little fuzzy from over imbibing last night at my friend, Mary's, open house for open studios. I don't know how many of those dixie cups of wine I had. I'm sure it was that red one that did me in tho or the fact that I didn't have dinner, just chips and dip and olives and cheese. Fun wandering in and out of artist spaces and viewing their work, and there even was some music. An enjoyable evening, maybe just a little too enjoyable.
So I was reading an interesting article from the Living Arts section of the Globe tonite over take out dinner and came up with this short quiz for you:

1. How many surviving books in the "John Adams Unbound colletion"?
a) 370
b) 3700
c) 1800
d) 4800

2. What is a codex? (This one is not a mulitple choice). But I will give you one clue - it's from Roman times.

Ok I'm going to watch "Keeping up with the Steins".
See you tomorrow with the answers and maybe a movie review.


Patry Francis said...

Oh, the open house sounds like so much fun! (And I love Mary's paintings.) Next time you better take me...

p.s. Don't worry about the red wine. It's even better for your health than chocolate.