Haiku Saturday


Here is the secret link to one of my poetry blogs. I was tempted to cheat but wrote this new one for today, but I really like the other two way better. Actually the poetry links (New Poems & Old Poems) are on the sidebar but Haiku is new to me. Feel free to leave one in comments or a link to yours.


smoke rising above
red leaves falling to the ground
black dog by my side


BendingPeak said...

Very nice!

mist1 said...

I can never resist the opportunity to compose a really bad haiku.

Bye, Sugardaddy
Hey, maybe I can get on

Mary said...

beautifully visual, this haiku. I can see the smoke and the colours ...

Patry Francis said...

I love the black dog at your side, but of course, I'm prejudiced.

So what's haiku Saturday. Is this another club I have to join?

MB said...

I like the color in this one!

rdl said...

Thanks all! PF - join write here, might me changed at any time to Haiku THursday. Just leave one in comments or link to one on yr. site.