I had one of those moments today - not sure what the right word for it is so I will just tell you what happened. I was checking out at the counter of this shop that sells alot of X-masey stuff, when I mentioned to the cashier that this year we finally broke down and bought a fake tree. She replied that she hadn't celebrated XMas for 2 years-since her 17 year old grandson died on Dec. 10th 2 years ago; but she said that she was going to, because the other night she woke up with a start when she saw him at the end of her bed and he all he said was, "It's time."

I said, I was sorry and since I frequent this store from time to time for candles and stuff, I suddenly had a deja vu - i really think she had told me this before - maybe last year. It made me glad that I was in a chatty mood and talked to her and that we had this exchange - again. I could've been my sometimes (frequent) sullen self and missed this opportunity.

I was thinking about this when I got in my car and started to drive to pick up my son at school. The radio was playing the new U2/Greenday song - The Saints are Coming ( I love this song) and I looked up in the darkening sky and there was this flock of birds moving in swirls of movement, almost as if with the song. And suddenly it reminded me of my father and his death at this time of year 2 years ago. I remember sitting on my window seat the day after he died and talking to a good friend from Pittsburgh about his passing and suddenly noticing alot of bird activity in my back yard and commenting to my friend that normally I wouldn't be sitting there at this time of day and how I felt like time had slowed and made me notice things more with his passing. That year at Christmas when I opened the box with the gifts she always sends to the kids and me, there was this pretty glass bird ornament. I couldn't remember the exact date of his death in the car today. I just knew it was after Thanksgiving.
When I got home today I came on here to see. I wrote this last year on the one year anniversary of my father's death - November 28, 2004.


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ipanema said...

Oh, sometimes we are reminded through people, the environment and sometimes through our dreams.

I had one last night.I it was only me who noticed the moth in the toilet. I kept mum about it. My youngest saw it too and told me, maybe that's daddy. I said maybe. Last night, I dreamt about him, telling me to take care of the children.

I seldom dream or remember having one. The moth was a sign. Just as the birds you saw reminds you of your father.

Take care.

Patry Francis said...

I have chills. Sending hugs.

Lorna said...

two great posts in one.