Been tagged by Alexandra over at the Whole Story for a tell all meme. Tell 5 interesting or unique facts that you didn’t know about me. Just in time for # 6 on my list. Thanks Alexandra, now I don't have to make one up.
1) I was a baton twirler. I'm ambidexterious - technically i'm a lefty - write and hold a fork lefty but throw a ball, sew righty( note - things i was taught by righties).
2) I moved to the Caribbean (St. Croix) on a whim. No job, didn't know anyone there. I made this decision on a snowy night in Amherst Northampton, after work, with a drink in each hand. This is kinda how the thought process went - I'm a bartender, it's cold here, I can be a bartender anywhere - I guess i'll move to the Caribbean. I went home and put a pin on a map and waited a month for a friend to graduate so that she could go with me. Silly girl, but she did meet her husband there and they are still together.
3) I've waited on George Burns (future post).
4) I've waited on Bill Crosby (future post).
5) I've totalled 2 cars, one in the snow. skidded sideways into the guard rail, spun around and was facing the oncoming traffic (a truck to be specific), the air bag went off - smoke comes out evidently when this happens. I thought the car was on fire and grabbed my handbag and jumped out of the car. A policeman came over to help and said that we'd better get off the road as cars were spinning out around us. The tow truck dropped me and the baby car seat at my work, where I was in shock, but worked up patients none the less. I'm scared to death of driving in the snow, rain too actually.
Now the fun part - I tag: Jona,Edie,Ipanema,Mary,and MB.


Patry Francis said...

I remembered all of this, but the Bill Cosby part. On second thought, I think I remember that, too. It's just a little fuzzy--like nearly everything else.

rdl said...

Bill was at the Lord Jeffrey Inn. Remember I'm counting on you to remember all this stuff. :D

MB said...

Can't wait to hear a few of those stories, rdl... meanwhile, I'm thinking!!

Edie said...

okay, i'm it, i have some writing of my own to do...so much for, "an apple for the teacher." ;-)

MB said...

Finally, I thought of five things! That was surprisingly hard.

Alexandra said...

Wow! It's amazing what you learn about people. That took some guts to up and move countries. I should know, I'm good at swapping continents.

rdl said...

alexandra - i'm not surprised one bit - i sensed the adventuress in you.
mb - headin rite over- can't wait!
edie- oh goody. yea i'd bring more apples but that would requite showing up for class now wouldn't it. :D