Technically I didn't have to post again but...


A Sign From Above

thanks to Ipanema I found this funny cartoon site and decided I should do my Sunday Blog pick of the week: drumroll please~~~~~~~~~~~ it's Ipanema from Under the Canopy.


Kerri. said...

Hi there! I saw your comment over at my blog, Six Until Me. and I wanted to take a skip by and say hello.

I saw that you were at a parade on Thanksgiving - what parade were you at? The picture looked cool but I couldn't tell where you were.

And I also saw that you're doing NaBloPoMo. So you're not sleeping much, either, eh? ;)

-- Kerri.

S William said...

That is funny.

ipanema said...

Thanks for the mention. This site will really make you smile. :)

By the way, You’ve been Tagged! More details in my blog. :)