Day eleven, oh my!


I was just going to take a picture to show you why I'm not writing a post today but my digital is dead. I wonder if I left the camara on after I took that shot of the Citgo sign yesterday when we were stopped at a light - I think it came out pretty good considering I took it through the windshield.
So I am officially on strike today - not consulting the list or looking in the draft folder (I was wondering how long it would take before I rebelled.)I worked too damn hard today, running here and there(3 trips to Loews!!), so I'm going to get me a cold beer or glass of wine and maybe even some food. Hope you other Nanoblopomoers (did i spell that right?- and i haven't even had the wine yet) are doin better than me with this posting every damn day(grumble,grumble). Cheers!


Matt said...

Yeah, my efforts to post every day ended when I headed to Alabama for a few days. As far as your refreshments, no law against a beer AND a glass of wine;-)

- Matt