The bad cat


Last nite when I was peacefully sleeping (actually very early this morning), my 14 yr. old Mean Coon cat, Dakota, scratched me in the face - on the cheek. I woke up screaming, clutching my face; at which point everyone in the house was up and running. Usually it is a charlie horse that elicits this cry of pain in the middle of the nite.
I was just grateful that he didn't get me in the eye this time. Yes this is his 2nd transgression, and at the risk of irritating cat lovers and activists out there, if he's not careful he's going to get the gas pipe. This is why I am a dog lover; a dog would never do this.


kate said...

Cats are not reliable, even though I love them very much. Take care.

Patry Francis said...

Not again!

Marewheeee said...

I'm in love with Wendell, the cat.
look at my blog for a photo of "the Man".