Ok, well I'm thankful that I didn't burn the bird, tho for a few minutes I was panicing that I did. I started cooking last night; I peeled and chopped all the vegetables and thought I was in pretty good shape. This morning I stayed in bed til 10 , then got up had my coffee read the paper and started cooking around Noon. I was in pretty good shape around 2, bird in I took a shower and went for a walk with the family and dog. Got back and had a bloody mary; feeling pretty relaxed til I started panicing about The Bird. Usually it's done early and according to my estimation it shoulda been done by 4:15; when the thermomator hadn't popped by 5, I started panicing, I thought it would be like the bird in Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase puts the fork in the bird and it just collapses in a puff of smoke. It wasnt' as bad as I thought, tho I will never again depend on that damn thermomater popping up; and it was fine, didnt taste dry at all. between the gravy and the cranberry sauce I dont know how it could. The apple pie ala mode was perfect of course(Thanks to Mrs. Smith). I will no doubt fall asleep during the movie tho. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.


Patry Francis said...

Is that really your turkey? Sounds like a happy day! Especially the walk and the bloody mary.

rdl said...

Not mine, couldn't find a pic. of Chevy's. Yes the walk and the bloody were good. Hope yrs. was as well.