Well I did fall into a soporific state immediately after that last post;I didn't even attempt the movie, headed straight to bed. In the middle of the night the damn cat woke me up and insomnia reared its ugly head and would have nothing of this tryptophan and alcohol induced sophoric state. So instead of grabbing a book on my way to the den, what do i do, of course you guessed it, headed straight for blogland. But I need my rest if I am ever going to be even remotely successful tomorrow, Black Friday. I'm determined to jump start my xmas shopping - no use fighting tradition. Well if i was a real diehard I would just head out now, it's almost 5AM. Nah I guess i'll go read.


dog1net said...

Great picture that captures the sentiment you expressed in this post. I'm not sure why but I was up almost all Thursday night, too. I guess turkeys just aren't made like they used to.