Feel like when I was six and had whooping cough; everyone else was out playing and I wasn't. Now I wanna be nanowrimoing too! But alas I have no plot, no characters, no nothing. I just hope there's still someone left on the blogground for us baby bloggers to play with.
Wannabee is not a good place to be. But that's what you get when you never make up your mind. Dilitante is the nice way to say it but it still amounts to the same thing. yea i have a creative "spirit" (whatever the hell that means - wannabee, that's what it means. My favorite people are artists, writers and musicians and I want to be one too. I've had a lifetime of dabbling, non-committal to a fault. When I was a kid I dabbled at music- piano; and was preety damn good(so my teacher said) - my mother bought me a baby grand when i was 13 and I stopped playing when I was 14. I took photography in college and I was preety damn good at that too, or so I was told, encouraged by a "real photographer". I let that fall by the wayside too. The piano playing fell by the wayside when I discovered dating, which started a long tradition of throwing things out the window for men. But in my defense I was also baton twirling and in an Adult Theatre group. Dabbling and spreading self too thin.
Then in college, well drugs definitely got in the way. The writing well that started in college - probably after passing the pipe. I still have a copy of the 1st poem I ever wrote. The handwriting even looks different than mine does now - childish.
And I've always been attracted to the artistic types and the tall, dark and handsome types (oh that's another post now isn't it). Well I guess I'm done whining - reminds me of a joke - i'll save that for Friday.


Patry Francis said...

You still haven't shown me your baton twirling. And why would you want to do nano if not compelled to? It's a form of torture.

rdl said...

Anytime! Hey maybe I can write about the baton twirler, I actually started a chapter about the hippie if you can believe it.

Lee Carlon said...

You'd have to be committed (or perhaps that should be - should be committed) to sign up for nano. There are still a couple of writers not nanoing, though we seem pretty thin on the ground.

FTS said...

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

I forget who said that, but it was somebody that was pretty smart... ;-)

Marewheeee said...

Never too late.
Used to always read about artists who started doing their art after retiring at 65 from lifetime jobs.
It made me realize that it wasn't too late for me.
Keep on writin' girl.
And play that piano!