Public service announcements:


I was listed on Follow That Star's blog as a Rising Star- what a thrill that was. Please visit this most interesting and entertaining blog.

I will be starting a new set of links - Art sites
Some really fine artwork can be seen at Mary Sheehan Winn's Fine Art

I recently received a copy of Queen's Quarterly, which looks to be an interesting read. I found it online and if you visit you can sign up to receive a free copy of the publication.

And FYI: Recently on trip to Borders' we signed up for webspecial coupons and now receive coupons for 20,25 or 30% off of books and CD's. The other day when we were there and was going to purchase a book, I mentioned to the clerk that I forgot to print my coupon and he had one there that he scanned for me. When i got my receipt there was a coupon for 20%.


FTS said...

And deserving of it you are -- Thanks for the plug back. :)

I'm going to go check out the art link...

Patry Francis said...

Mary's paintings are wonderful.

Marewheeee said...

rdl, thanks for the link to my site :D
Patry, thanks for the compliment on the paintings.
....bloggin' like the doodah man here...... :D