My new TV


I don't watch TV much, usually one show a season. Raymond was last year's show, before that was Malcolm in the Middle, Seinfeld. Last year I got into watching American Idol with my son(it kinda reminded me of watching the Ed Sullivan show with my parents). I started off liking the English dude,Simon, cause he was so sarcastic (it was funny); but by the end of show (I hate to admit it) I was actually voting. I started watching the show that came on right after-House and got hooked on it. The main character is kind of a curmudgeon. So right now that is this years "show". The rest of the time I'm usually here, at my new TV, surfing the net with my mouse instead of clicker and sometimes feeling like i could almost fall asleep, justlike in front of the TV.


FTS said...

I got caught up in "Idol" last season by accident. I was flipping channels and saw Anthony the day he tried out. When I heard how he was never supposed to talk again after surgery as a small boy -- and then heard his beautiful voice -- I was pulling for the underdog the whole way. Was glad to see him make it to the final four.

My shows are Lost and West Wing. I used to watch Enterprise until it went off the air.

Patry Francis said...

What about Desperate Housewives? And the one that comes after it--Grey's Anatomy. Of course, I only get to watch if Ted falls asleep before Sunday night football.

rdl said...

fts: I'm not into reality shows so i don't think lost is an option but ill have to see what west wing is about.
Patry: D.H.'s and Greys are ones they talk aboutin the lunchroom, will have them out.

rdl said...

oops, just found out that Lost isn't a reality show; just proves how much i know.

Marewheeee said...

My 'reality shows are...
"Inside Edition"
Forensic And Cold Case Files.
We tried to watch "Lost' last night but quickly realized that we needed way more history to understand what was going on.
Got hooked on Canadian Idol and Dancing With the Stars for two weeks in Parrsboro,NS, last summer.
Kelly Monaco. Wow!