No Joke


Hey I reached my 100th post, without really trying;it passed un-noticed by anyone,even me. (I actually realized it when I went looking for a saved draft and had to change the 50 to 100 in the show posts area and saw that the 1st one was not the first one and that I had to hit 300 to get to the beginning.)
I never woulda thought or bet money on I my ever getting here, but I'm glad that I did. I can barely remember life before blogging; what did I do with all my time? was my house cleaner? bills paid? food on the table? laundry folded? Well the 100th post was "certifiable" - which is very aprepro and I think sums up my blog & I fairly well.
The post that started this all was You can never go home which along with "tour of the old homestead" and "red headed neighbor lady" also at the beginning, and the sequels to the first, are still my favorites. So I guess I will keep "bloggin like the doodah man" and see if I have what it takes to hit 300. Then what happens?


Patry Francis said...

Hey, congrats--from your certifiable friend.

rdl said...

Thanks patry!