Too long


A couple of times this week I've had patients ask me, "how long you been doing this?". After a pregnant pause I deadpan, "too long". They laugh and I go on with the exam; most of the time I think they ask me because of my professionalism, because it seems like I know what the hell I'm doing but other times I wonder if they catch on that I am bored to tears and just going through the motions. I always joke with co-workers that they could train monkeys to do our job but actually I take for granted all the knowledge and just plain hands on experience that we do have, knowing what to do in a given situation and just plain knowing how to handle people. People who can be rude, people who can be irritating, people who can be just plain, well nevermind; and then there are those who are nervous, anxious and scared. We have to hand hold, reassure, and conjole. Another thing they always ask is, " what's the doctor going to do?" or they say, "You could be the Dr." to which I sometimes say, "I'm the poster child for Stay in school".


Patry Francis said...

I think I know someone who would especially appreciate this post.

FTS said...

I think anyone in any job can go through the same thing. And amen to staying in school. ;-)

rdl said...

Patry - I know you do.
and FTS -I think the trick is not to get a job but find something that you love to do and get paid alot of money to do it.