Well, my day did not go as planned. Thought I would run off and shop for awhile. My son needed a ride over a friend's so I dropped him off and was going to go to the transfer station (dump) in hopes of finding some treasure or book(s) but when I realized that I had gone the wrong way I decided to go to a nursery for some potting soil and to look for an orchid that I wanted to buy for my kitchen window. I pulled into the parking lot of the place and stopped while deciding where to park; well this Big vehicle decided to plow into me. I saw it coming but couldn't do anything about it. I jumped out the car and said, "Didn't you see me?". The woman in the other car said, "I didn't even see you". And then she thought to add," you must've zoomed in here cause I looked and I didn't see you. I said, "well I was there and I didn't zoom". I wanted to zoom pow her to the moon tho.(i know peace,love,joy). Her Big vehicle did a number on my big vehicle, but only scratched her bumper. So now begins the pain in the butt procedure. Went home (without my prized orchid) and called the insurance co. Then since it was such an unseasonably nice day I decided to finish painting the side porch railings(which is a project that has been going on for months). Of course the only reason I chose to do this was so that I got out of vacuuming. I really should have central vac. cause my vacuum has been in my living room for at least a week now. I am going to finish vacuuming that sofa one of these days really and put it back together so that i can vacuum the rugs some day too. This is what I get for vacuuming the damn sofa anyway( not something I usually do). Well I guess I'll go get cleaned up and go out for dinner cause no one cooks around here either.


Patry Francis said...

Oh my god, sounds like my recent episode! Same words even! Thank goodness you have a big vehicle so you weren't crushed.

Lhombre said...! What else can one say! You have my total compassion. Nice to hear how you held your "real?" thoughts in check.

Where is that pic from? Looks like a Jackson Pollock thing.

Stay safe!

rdl said...

lhombre: I got the pic from google image search for car crash. is where it's from.