wheedle \HWEE-d'l; WEE-d'l\, transitive verb:
1. To entice by soft words or flattery; to coax.
2. To gain or get by flattery or guile.

Now there's a word I can get next too. In case anyone hasn't noticed I've added word of the day in my links.

Monday's post was inspired or jump started by the word of the day; tho i have to admit in the past they have done nothing for me at all.
But today's word again fits in with what's going on here in my world.

Yesterday at work, it was another harried morning - "too many patients, not enof techs". Everytime i came out in the hall to grab another chart, a co-worker(and friend)-DH and I exchanged knowing exasperated looks (we do this a lot - don't have to talk - read each other's mind - but then she's pretty psychic and I am a little sometimes). Looks like I've managed to get off track here, what a surprise. So we get through the morning and it's lunchtime. Someone is supposed to be coming to talk to us about disability insurance(which we are secretly hoping is our ticket outta here). Well DH has the afternoon off and has to leave for an appt. and since I'm working the afternoon, I have to run home to let Jackson out and make sure I've left the door open for the boy. Anyway the poor woman shows up and we both tell her we only have a few minutes, at which she says well I guess we should reschedule cause it takes about 20 min to 1/2 hr. each. and we say "each?", we thought you could talk to us both at the same time. She explains that because of individual circumstances, variables and confindentiality, yaddy yaddy, yaddy. Anyway I somehow talk her into giving us the facts,"just the facts", give it to me in a nutshell. So she winds up sitting down and pulling out her laptop and going over it briefly. Just enof so we can get the idea of how it works and she gives us her card and tells us to call to make another appt. with her to finish individually. Then I inform the afternoon crew that "I'll be back", to which they answer, "We'll be here". I rush home but not to fast since I'm in the rental that was dropped off this morning. Remember "The Crash". I let the dog out and eat some Thanksgiving leftovers, hoping that I'm not giving myself food poisoning ( tho that would get me out of work this afternoon), throw out the rest of the Turkey and dash back to work ( only 15 min. late). And I even remembered to leave the door open.
In the evening I call DH to find out how she made out at her appt. and the Disability Lady finds her way into the conversation when we are talking about ways of getting out of our current jobs and into new ones. DH very complimentarily says that I should be running a company or something. She said see how you got that woman to sit down and show us what we wanted; you're a "quiet leader". Whatever that means. Does it mean I am pushy and bossy and get what I want or that I conjole and wheedle my way thru life? I prefer to think the later.


FTS said...

Are you trying to wheedle a nice remark out of us? ;)

I think any compliment should be taken seriously if you know the person isn't trying to blow smoke up your skirt.

Patry Francis said...

sounds like a hectic day, ms. wheedler.

rdl said...

Very funny you two.

Melly said...

Hi, long time since I've been here :)
Happy to be back and to what a post. I got tired just reading it. And that was just half a day - goodness!

dog1net said...

It is good to see you focus on a particular word to use as a spring post for writing. It is also good to see you experimenting with various forms of writing. You're beginning to find your voice, and as such, you're starting to develop more confidence.

rdl said...

Thanks Scot.