Harry Potter


Well Sunday was a nice day altho it started better than it ended. Started the morning with a cat and dog and a boy in my bed. The cat left pretty much immediately when he saw the hi-jinks begin. Luke likes to tease Jackson by getting in bed next to me and putting his arm over me and saying my mommy; at which Jackson responds by doing his doggie crawl up the bed and wedging himself between us. My theory is that he thinks he is the top dog (after me of course)and above Luke-since he gets to sleep in the bed and Luke is next door in his bed.
In the afternoon we went to see Harry Potter and risking alienating everyone on the planet I have to admit that I think I am getting tired of Harry Potter. The movie was ok but I think I am getting tired of the formula. I think i need a change, maybe Narnia or King Kong will do it for me. Then in the evening I decided to go food shopping for Thanksgiving, a full 3 days before usual!


FTS said...

Don't feel bad. I've not seen any of the Harry Potter films -- nor have I read the books.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)