The un-happy


Why is it that I am not happy. Feel like an outsider. Like it's just something impossible for me to attain. Is it me or my situation? It has been me many times in my life before, but now it is different. There are reasons, and situations and well...but I still feel like it is like a golden ring and I am on that merry- go-round for life.

I know "happiness is an elusive, sometimes fleeting thing; that happiness lies within us, but what if you are just not capable of it, it's not in your makeup. well then what? are you damned for all eternity?

Maybe I'll try the "happy pills" again; like a good friend says " there's not enof Prozac in the world" and "they should put it in the water".
so maybe then I am normal? just reacting to all the stress and crap in the world.

Feel like in (? name) Woody Allen movie when he said about being in therapy: But I'm not going to live long enough to fix everything.

I guess all we can really do is try. I can hear my son saying, " I did the best that I could do". (Now there's a healthy psyche, i hope.)

Well I've gone from being extremely happy for my friend to the Dalai Lama ( felt like I had nothing to say yesterday and felt that a post from the Dalai Lama would be better than a post from me; I guess I was on my way down(with truth or dare).... ladies lingerie, shoes,to the un-happiest post of all.


Melly said...

I do hope you get out of your funk soon...

Sure there are "situations" in life, objective things, that can cause us to be unhappy, but there's also a makeup of aperson, I believe.

Please do whatever helps and don't feel like you need to apologise to anyone.

Goin to read your joke now :)

Patry Francis said...

Also don't listen to anyone about the the happy pills question. It's your call. Good for some, not for others.And as you say, they have their limits.

Call me.