Truth or dare


How many of us blog about what is really bothering us? or what we are really thinking about? Sometimes I want to just go back to the old pen and notebook. That place where I could hideout, where nobody would know, where I could let it all hang out, tell the truth, kick and scream and not be so self conscious. This arena seems not for the faint of heart, not the dress rehearsal but the real thing. Seems like I'm treading water these days; still need those swimmies on, still not sure whether to sink or swim. I finally made it out of my self doubt phase (well sort of) and started to feel almost comfortable out here in the deep end but those naggy self doubt cells sure can hang tough, like a virus I suppose. You think you're better and whamm....laid out flat again. Just trying to figure it all out.


FTS said...

This is one of the reasons I blog anonymously. I know of others who have a second anonymous site where they are free to write what they feel without self-censorship.

Diana said...

Yeah, I was going to say that about the second site. I have always had *at least* two blogs; sometimes I've had as many as six going. Only one is my public one. ;)