Ok I'm over it now. I'm facing the fact that I ain't gonna write the next great American novel; I'll leave that for my best friend to do. I practiced the piano tonite tho, never too late to work on my next career... lounge lizard. And as for the writing I think I'll stick with poetry , i like all that raw emotion and writing from the hip. I don't know if I could handle plots and outlines, sounds like work and when it comes to work I am a card carrying member of the Maynard G. Krebs club, anyone remember him? or am I showing my age again. He was a character on the show Dobie Gillis: I've forgotten his real name ( was it Bob Denver? - or am I totally out in left field?) well he was Gilligan anyway. And speaking of TV, maybe I'll start watching Desperate Housewives or ?? what are some of those shows everyone is always talking about in the lunchroom. Maybe I'll just go watch some TV right now.

Footnote: Just as I finished typing this the power went out for a couple of hrs. Ya think it's some kind of sign? Guess I'll go read before bed like i should.


melly said...

You play the piano?
I always have admiration for people who can play an instrument.

BTW, I don't to watch any of these shows everybody's talking about either...

FTS said...

Lost. That's the one show people are talking about that's really worth it. :)