Saturday night


I made plans to go out saturday night and actually went out. Usually I renig at the last minute, too tired, don't want to leave my son alone. But since it wasn't too cold I decided that since I will probably be hibernating for the rest of the winter that I would go out. So I put on the war paint and tried to do something with the unruly hair, just added a little gel and said goodbye to the boy, happily watching football. My friend left her car here and I drove; when we got to the restaurant I realized that I hadn't taken my cell phone, moment of panic, what if he tries to call? My friend had her's so I called but no answer, he can't hear the phone out in the sunroom, I should've left the cordless out there; I leave a message with her phone number and uneasely order a drink. People from my work arrived and the band started playing some nice acoustic R&R. We stayed for about an hour and a half, just long enof for a drink, some chat and so I could say I went out this time. Next time I won't forget my phone.